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Latin American Cocina

Our menu is a tribute to the flavors that define Latin American cuisine. It's like experiencing a vibrant carnival, full of heat and spices that transport you directly to the lively streets of Latin America. Here, it's allowed to love intensely, eat boldly, and savor every bite! Relive your "comida favoritas" - favorite dishes, or if you're up for an adventure, let us introduce you to new exciting flavors.

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And our cocktails!

We present our interpretation of South American classics. Here, you can try everything from drinks crafted with Pisco to dark rum, smoky mezcal, or bold Tequila ¡lo tenemos! Margaritas are served in glasses or, if you prefer, a pitcher. The choice is yours!

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Opening hours:

  1. Mon - Thu
  2. Fri - Sat
  3. Sun

(Kitchen is open 5pm - 9pm)